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Behind every successful person is a personal assistant. Sharon is your always there, always available PA. She'll take care of the admin so you can live life.

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Time saving

Sharon will kick start your morning with a diary brief, your most important to-dos and traffic for the commute. She'll also summarise the news headlines, relay any messages from overnight and let you know if she thinks you'll need an umbrella.

Simple reminders to booking a flight

Efficient admin

From proofing an email to dictating and translating your letters, Sharon is there to help. Need some research on a report for your boss? Sharon delivers. Forgot a birthday? Ask Sharon to send a card and gift.

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Virtual PA

Ask Sharon to find you a nice bar or the nearest hotel. Ask her to relay a message to your partner or respond to all inbound channels with an auto-responder. Sharon is your personal, private, assistant. Always online and ready to serve.

Sharon's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I talk to Sharon?

Sharon lives on your mobile phone. She talks to you through Facebook Messenger and you can ask her to send important alerts to other channels you use, such as Slack, Skype or even good old email.

How expensive is Sharon?

Sharon charges a small monthly fee as an ongoing subscription. For more substantial tasks like researching, writing and preparing reports she'll work for a low hourly rate. She'll always let you know how long a bigger job will take. She'll never ask you to sign a contract.

How safe is my data?

Everything you and Sharon talk about is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM).

Can I share Sharon with my significant other?

Sharon is able to share to-do lists, tasks and diaries with whomever you like. She's great at working for a couple or family. Soon, Sharon will also work perfectly for your business too.

Does Sharon watch and listen?

No, Sharon only jumps to attention when you ask her too. She never listens or monitors your location. Sharon is able to save and recall your favourite places, but you have to tell her when and what to save.

Do I have to give Sharon access to my personal details or accounts?

Sharon may ask you to share access to an email account, diary and to-do list (if you use one). If you decide not to, Sharon will still add tremendous value to your life.

What can Sharon do?

Sharon is your personal assistant. Below are some common tasks she's seen, we're sure she'll do much more for you.

Morning briefing

Sharon will run through your important tasks, what's in your diary, any important emails from overnight and the headlines from your preferred news. She'll even give you a heads-up on the weather or traffic for the commute.

Personal worker

Sharon can carry out background research on any topic you need. Whether it's to help you get the job done faster, or to do it all on your behalf. If you like, she'll even prepare a report in your preferred styling to present her findings.

Reminders and alerts

Sharon will bring together all your accounts to one central reminder and alerting system. Meetings, to-do's, birthdays, calls, first dates and anything else. She's always there to help you live life on-time.

Writing, proofing and translating

Sharon is great at producing documents, briefing papers, reports and presentations that meet your exact specification and time frames. She can also proof read, edit or translate that important article, CV or email.

First defense

Like any good PA, Sharon is your first defence against outsiders and distractions. Screening phone calls, enquiries, messages and requests. She'll handle them when appropriate or route them to you when you're available or if they're super-important.

Travel service

Sharon can arrange travel, visas and accommodation for anywhere in world. She'll research everything and come back to you with a short-list of options based on what she knows about you. She can even save your favourite locations and help you find things nearby.

Relied upon and trusted.